Thursday, September 22, 2011

List of all tata docomo special recharge


Voucher Name Amount (Rs.) Talk Time (Rs.) Processing Fee (Rs.) Service Tax(Rs.) Benefits / Description
Combo Pack 1055 1200 0 0 Get Rs 1200 Talk Time + 500 MB GPRS Usage Free, Valid for 30 Days
ComboPacks - Tariff,SMS&DataPacks 123 0 111.51 11.49 You will get daily 1 hour of Local TATA to Tata calls,20 MB of GPRS Browsing and 30 Local/National sms free everyday for 30 days
FTT 19 0 17.23 1.77 Rs.19 Talktime is a special balance with Validity.
FTT 54 0 48.96 5.04 Rs.54 TalkTime is a special balance with Validity.
FTT 75 0 67.99 7.01 Rs.75 TalkTime is a special balance with Validity.
Full Talk Time 333 333 0 0 Get Full Talk Time of Rs 333 + 111 Tata to Tata local minutes free valid for 30 Days.
Full Talk Time 410 450 0 0 More than Full TalkTime of Rs.450
Full Talk Time 510 585 0 0 More than Full TalkTime of Rs.585
Full Talk Time 786 786 0 0 Full Talk Time of Rs 786 + Gulf Calling at 12p/sec, Valid for 30 days.
Full Talk Time 1010 1210 0 0 More than Full TalkTime of Rs.1210
Full Talk time Pack 555 555 0 0 GET FTT of 555 Rs and call All Local Mobiles at 1p/2sec valid for 30 days
GPRS Pack 15 0 13.6 1.4 Get 500 MB Internet Usage valid for 3 Days.
GPRS Pack 33 0 29.92 3.08 Get 1GB Internet Usage free between 11pm and 7am. Valid for 30 days.
GPRS Pack 65 0 58.93 6.07 Get 2.5 GB Free Usage, Valid for 30 Days
GPRS Pack 95 0 86.13 8.87 4 GB Data Usage Free fro 30 days
ISD Pack 28 0 25.39 2.61 12p/sec for all GULF calls, Valid for 30 Days.
ISD Pack 59 0 53.49 5.51 1p/sec calling to US and Canada, Valid for 30 Days.
Local Pack 27 0 24.48 2.52 Now Call All Local Mobiles  at 1p/2sec valid for 30 days
Local Pack 49 0 44.42 4.58 Get 111 mins to call all Local Mobiles valid for 30 days
Local Pack 53 10 48.05 4.95 Get Rs10 TalkTime and Call All Local Mobiles at 1p/2sec valid for 60 days
Local Pack 89 0 80.69 8.31 Now call All Local Mobiles at 1p/2sec ( 30p/min) valid for 90 days
Local Pack 299 0 271.07 27.93 Get 1250 local minutes,validity 30 days
Local Tata Pack 13 0 11.79 1.21 130 local Tata to Tata minutes free with validity of 2 days
Local Tata Pack 169 0 153.22 15.78 Get 1500 minutes free for local Tata to Tata calling,validity 30 days
SMS Pack 12 6 4.88 1.12 Get 300 free SMS (Local and National), valid for 3 days, Post FREE SMS base price charging applicable
SMS Pack 26 0 23.57 2.43 All SMS at 1p/sms, Valid for 30 Days, Post FREE SMS base price charging applicable
SMS Pack 34 0 30.82 3.18 3000 Local and National SMS free, Valid for 30 Days, Post FREE SMS base price charging applicable
SMS Pack 60 0 54.4 5.6 15000 SMS free (Local and National), Valid for 30 Days, Post FREE SMS base price charging applicable
STD Pack 16 0 14.51 1.49 Now Call All STD Mobiles @2p / 3sec valid for 15 days
STD Pack 31 0 28.1 2.9 Now Call All STD Mobiles @ 2p/3sec , also get 100 Local & National SMS free, valid for 30 days
STD Pack 55 0 49.86 5.14 115 minutes of STD calling free to any network, Valid for 15 Days.
STD Pack 62 0 56.21 5.79 Now Call All STD Mobiles @ 2p/3sec, valid for 90 days
STD Pack 140 0 126.93 13.07 250 minutes of STD calling free to any network, Valid for 60 Days.
Special Pack 24 0 21.76 2.24 Local and STD Tata calls @ 1p/6 sec(10p/min); for first 500 minutes.Validity 30 days
Special Pack 111 0 100.63 10.37 11,111 Local Tata to Tata seconds + 1,111SMS (Local+ National) +111MB GPRS, Valid for 30 Days
SpecialTariffVouchers - NightTariffVouchers 41 0 37.17 3.83 Local tata to tata calls to be charged at 1p for 60 seconds between 11 pm to 7 am for 30 days.This tariff is applicable for first 1000 minutes of night calling


  1. Did anyone know how to check balance of 24rs special recharge (500 mins)?

  2. Thanks for the complete list! I will include this post in my web blog just to share it to my Indian friend and subscribers. Cheers!

  3. can i get list of tata to tata recharge?

  4. saaaaaaaaaleeey pure charges badha diya aur msg offer me tho customers ki G_marraa.. day ke hundred msgs cross hue tho 1 rupee extra charge karra, though the user has recharged for sms pack.. Earlier Docomo network used to be the best among all the other networks.. but now, THE WORST ONE! suddenly paise ki itni bhook kyo lag gayi tereko??? I'm gonna migrate from this network very soon...

  5. can i get isd pack to china valid for 3-7 days plz help ASAP....

  6. Online portals of tata docomo prepaid recharge lets you view and compare all the best and affordable prepaid plans on recharge portals. wheather you are travelling, or away from home, it always keeps you connected from your dear ones by never keeping your balance low .

  7. sare special recharge khatm kar diye achanak, rates bhadha di,internet slow kar diya , koi chutiya he rakhega ab docomo , docomo byby..

  8. Docomo has become bad due to slow internet...just i am changing my card

  9. These are really fantastic talktime plans offered by Tata DoCoMo. Especially sms pack which is available at just rs.12 is an awesome offer of DoCoMo. And GPRS pack is also another inexpensive internet plan of docomo. There are many new 2G internet plans with high speed internet of 3.8Mbps at 65rs. Docomo Mobile Recharge plans can be readily available by customers through online recharge websites and at mobile recharge stores. And moreover i got complete docomo talktime plan details from your blog.Thanks for sharing. Please keep updating.

  10. Docomo has no 3g net in hyderabad city bad service

  11. nice post !!!

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