Saturday, October 31, 2015

Some of the Best Candy Crush Saga Strategies Exposed – What’s New?

At times passing out to a new level over the Candy Crush Saga can be a tricky experience, however, with some amount of patience and insight over certain few cheats found here and there, nothing seems impossible. The following are the short list of certain strategies you are supposed to put into your practice if you are keen to be number one in this game, let’s check them out:


Messing up with the time factor

Getting an extra life really will not hamper, does it? If you are busy playing the game of Candy Crush on your device, all you need to do is to mess with the time with a little and switch on the clock two hours forward. This will help you earn you additional 4 new lives.


Killer candy blends

You certainly need to try using interesting candy blends in this game provided if you are keen to win, the striped candies plus the ones that are wrapped or the striped ones along with the donuts holes can be called as the best blends. This can be called as the most assured recipe for your success having one move. If you are able to mix two different wrapped candies you end up wiping a big area.


Shun the top and start at the bottom

By simply starting a level from the bottom side, you will be able to create a cascade kind of pattern which will add up automatically to enjoy higher score, how about giving it a try.


Uninstall & Reinstall Candy Crush Saga

The other cool strategy is to get rid of the Candy Crush Saga and install it once again. This can help you in getting more lives as soon you get the app. Before you carry out this action, do keep in mind that you do not have any boosters, which you have been saving in order to use it at the later stage. 


Charms are worthy of purchasing

For any ardent Candy Crush Saga players, buying a charm or two is always a worthy experience, all these charms are known to have some cool features like the Charm of Life, which will render you the 8 complete lives.


Monitor your patterns!

There are so many moves, which can easily reveal a special candy. Better focus over memorizing these patterns, which generally lead to such special kind of candies and then mix them so that you end up moving up your level in game without any required time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 Simple Ways to Free Up Space On Android

Besides giving the fun of playing games, your Android smartphone and tablet can lend you much of stuff. These include enjoying music, movies, checking your mails, messages, instant chatting, voice chats, etc. You have a long list of stuff to be done with these devices. However, the more fun you have you need more apps to download, which eventually hamper the storage of your device. Once you find your device overloaded, you are more likely to face problems in the form of hanging up the device and speed. But don’t worry, you have enough opportunities to get rid of these problems and continue using your Android based devices with ease. Let’s check the 5 simple ways and methods to free up your space on your android devices.

1.    Uninstall All the Unused Applications

People often have apps, which remain unused for long and thus occupy space for no reason on your Android smartphone/tablet. Make sure you uninstall them all, which will help in making your space free to boost up your device performance. All you need to do is to check the Settings followed by going to the Applications manager and uninstall all the unused apps.

2.    Clear All the App Cache

The next step is to clean the app cache on your smartphone/tablet. By clearing up the cache, you can get rid of all the temporary files and thus get enough space. All you need to do is to visit the Settings section and check the Applications manager, here you get to see the apps, which consume most of the spaces, and now just tap over the option ‘Clear cache’. Also, you can even download a tool for cache cleaner, which will help you to get rid of the junk files once for all. 

3.    Upload all your Images over the Online destination

The images do consume loads of your phone/tab’s space. In order to store them all, you can think of using a cloud based services like Google+ Photos wherein the pictures can automatically get the backup all your images over the cloud. In order to enable the cloud sync, all you need to do is to go to Menu then to Photos and finally to Auto-Backup. All your uploaded images can be easily viewed over your desktop, while the other Android devices can be easily connected to your Google account.

4.    Delete all the Unnecessary Files and Folders

Many people have the habit of leaving and downloading the files over their gadgets after using the same. All these files are seen consuming loads of space, which makes your device becomes easily unavailable for all your next downloads. When you choose to delete these unnecessary data on a regular basis you choose to make your device free with space. In such cases, better try an application - DiskUsage, which locates such files and directories while storing over the card that consume loads of space. Here you get to see all the information graphically, which in turn make things simple to view all the files or content consuming most of the space. 

5.    Move the Apps and Media Files over the SD Card

Moving a majority of apps and media files over the SD card can help in making your phone’s internal storage effective, however, at the same time it will also increase the performance of your device. in order to move all the supported apps to sd card, you can try the app called AppMgr III. It is available for free, which do not need the roots access on your phone. Just install this application on your smartphone/tab to go safe. Though the most of the apps would easily shift to SD card but others would need to stay in the phone as well, so allow them to be there only. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to Clean Your Keyboard, Mobile phone, Tablet, and also other Electronics


Oh no: The touch display works like a magnet for germs and Dust, conveniently sent by fingers. These germs could make you sick. As outlined by a 2010 examine printed while in the Journal of Used Microbiology, 23 p.c of viruses will transfer involving your pill and your hands.

What to do: Disinfect by wiping which has a specialized screen cleaner, which include AM Get Thoroughly clean spray. The bottle has microfiber sides, which means you need not carry a fabric. Or wipe the display screen with a slightly moist tender fabric. "You should not use glass cleaner with your tablet or any contact screen," suggests electronic-Life style professional Carley Knobloch. "It can damage the protective coating."

How often: The moment a week.

Cell phone

Oh no: Brace on your own for this one particular. A 2011 research in the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found that 1 in 6 mobile devices is tainted with fecal make any difference. How can this be?! Folks discuss on the telephone when employing the lavatory, describes Charles P. Gerba, a microbiologist on the College of Arizona. On flushing, "the bathroom sends a spray of countless A large number of contaminated droplets in the air, a few of which land within the cell phone," he suggests. Even if you do not make use of your telephone while in the loo, you are susceptible, as germs out of your fingers wind up pressed for your experience. 

How to proceed:

First of all, no much more lavatory chats. Up coming, take into consideration a UV sanitizer (a good financial commitment, particularly if you have a relatives's worth of units), similar to the Cell-Blaster Common UV Mobile-Cell phone Sanitizer. Slip a cellular phone inside and germs are zapped absent in 30 seconds. Or use a fast-drying cleaner designed for mobile devices, like Wireless Wipes.

How often: Just about every other day.


Oh no: Sweat and wax Develop up with Each individual use. In addition, When your earbuds have silicone or foam coverings, they get Grime and mud within your bag like small lint brushes.

What to do:

 If you choose with the CellBlaster Sanitizer mentioned previously, just drop your earbuds into it. Normally wipe having a comfortable cloth dampened with a solution of moderate dish cleaning soap and drinking water. Cleanse foam or silicone handles independently, dabbing with dish soap and then rinsing. Permit dry.

How frequently: Monthly.


Oh no: Keyboards are typically five occasions dirtier than a rest room seat, Gerba's investigate identified. Perhaps simply because we hardly ever thoroughly clean them.

What to do:

Eliminate the batteries or unplug the keyboard, then flip it the wrong way up and shake Carefully. Change it upright and spray compressed air around Each and every critical; sanitize using a quickly-drying cleaner, like Wireless Wipes. For stains or caught-on gunk, use Cyber Clean, a putty-like compound; press it about the complete keyboard, then peel it up. It lifts Filth the way Silly Putty picks up a newspaper picture. Should you share a keyboard at perform, consider a disinfecting UV wand. (Just one selection: the Verilux Cleanse-Wave UV-C sanitizing wand; $19, That's what hospitals use to destroy germs. It really works in seconds and helps make disinfecting effortless.

How often: At the time a month; more typically when you consume near your Personal computer.


Pc Mouse

Oh no: In an Office environment, a mouse is just one of three surfaces which are most certainly to harbor viruses. (The others are the desktop and the phone.)

What to do:

Unplug the mouse or take away its batteries. Spray compressed air on the underside to obvious dust in the trackball and crevices. Cleanse the best, combined with the mouse pad, using a regular family disinfectant wipe. (Do not obtain the trackball damp.) Dry which has a clean up, soft, lint-no cost fabric.

How often: Monthly.


Remote Control

Oh no: Researchers in the University of Virginia Faculty of Medicine discovered which the distant has extra germs than all kinds of other residence surfaces, such as the tissue box and also the bathroom cope with. In excess of thirty percent with the fobs analyzed were being good for cold viruses. (Just envision what is going on on with its brother, the video clip-recreation controller.)

How to proceed: 

Spray compressed air involving the buttons For those who have explanation to suspect the existence of crumbs. Then clear with the Wireless Wipes mentioned earlier. Hit the movie-video game controllers Along with the similar system.

How often: Weekly.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Flipkart Big Billion Day Provides: It truly is All About Electronics

If day 3 of Flipkart Big Billion Days sale was all about offers on popular mobiles, Friday, the fourth day of the sale, the focus shifts towards other electronics. Flipkart is offering discounts and cashback (bank offers) on laptops, tablets, accessories, DSLRs and more. Here are a few tips to help you sail through Friday's Flipkart Big Billion Days sale:
  1. Flipkart sale offers are available only via the app. This means that the discounted prices will be visible only on the Flipkart app and not on the website.
  2. Bundle the deals with SBI card offers to get an instant 10% discount (maximum Rs. 1,750) while making purchases.
  3. You can exchange your old smartphone, tablet or a laptop to get an instant discount while buying a new laptop.
  4. Before you buy a laptop, make sure you compare prices on Amazon and Snapdeal. They're actively matching Flipkart Big Billion Days sale prices with offers of their own.

Harman Kardon Onyx wireless speaker

Another great deal on a wireless speaker is the Harman Kardon Onyx. The portable speaker is now available during Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale at Rs. 19,989 (MRP Rs. 39,990). The Onyx normally retails at the Rs. 33,000 price point. The massive discount makes it entirely worth the money. The Harman Kardon Onyx includes support for WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC. There's an in-built rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 hours of usage. There's a 3.5 mm AUX input as well, in case you want to connect the speakers using a cable.  

Alienware 13-inch laptop


Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale is offering a discount of flat Rs. 8,000 on select Alienware laptops. If you are in the market for a high-end laptop that is suitable for gaming as well as computing-intensive tasks, the Alienware 13-inch laptop could be a great option. Currently available for Rs. 96,991 (MRP Rs. 104,991), the laptop is powered by the fourth generation Intel Core i5 processor and supported by 8GB of RAM. It comes with a 1TB hard drive and runs Windows 8.1 out of the box. You can upgrade it to Windows 10 using a free online update. There's a 2GB graphics card in the laptop that powers all your graphics needs. 

HP 15-inch laptop

There are a bunch of budget laptops on sale as part of Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale today. One of them is the HP 15-inch laptop which is selling at a price of Rs. 26,490. The laptop is powered by an AMD A8 quad-core processor, supported by 4GB of RAM. The HP 15-inch laptop comes with a 1TB hard drive and a graphics card with 2GB RAM. There's no operation system pre-loaded on the laptop so you can move your existing OS licences to the new laptop. There are few bundled offers that come with the laptop such as Mobikwik top up worth Rs. 2100, three-year additional warranty for Rs. 2999 and two year additional warranty for Rs. 1999. 

Mi Pad 16GB

The Mi Pad deal has been available on Amazon and Snapdeal but in case you missed it, it's available via Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale too. Priced at Rs. 9,999 (MRP Rs. 12,999), it's one of the best value for money tablets you can buy in this price range. Bundle it with the SBI cards offer and you can get an additional 10% instant discount (maximum Rs. 1750) when you buy on the Flipkart app. The Mi Pad features a 7.9-inch display, and runs on an Nvidia Tegra K1 chip which is supported by 2GB of RAM. There's an 8MP primary camera at the back in case taking photographs with a tablet is your thing. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

10 Great WhatsApp Tips Everyone User Should Know

Whatsapp is really an essential software that we cannot Reside without having During this age of technologies, it's got pretty much replaced the generic messaging application of our mobile phones. As all of you may know, Whatsapp just lately bought obtained by Facebook for a massive $19 billion, and considering the fact that then There's been a sea of updates and tweaks to how our favourite messaging app operates.

This information mentions some of the tips and ideas that one can use to make the most out of Whatsapp.

1 - How to Change Whatsapp Number

If you intend to vary your Principal Get hold of number on which you wishto employ Whatsapp, then Whatsapp has received a extremely neat attribute in your case. All you need to do is go to the

options >> settings

After tapping on settings, you need to go to account and then change number.

Whatsapp will check with you to enter both equally your outdated and new numbers to accomplish the procedure.

This method helps an individual to migrate account facts, teams and options from a single telephone number to a different.

2. Hiding Whatsapp Last Seen 

The idea of Last Seen has often been a little something to cherish for some and for Other people it's got constantly been a Resource to create troubles for themselves. To make it uncomplicated with the people, Whatsapp introduced the idea of choosing regardless of whether you want to share your previous viewed or not. To go ahead and take advantage of this function, you need to go to the

options >>

In settings, you need to select account and then in account you need to tap on privacy.

In privacy, you will see the option of Last Seen. Once you click on it, you’ll be greeted with 3 options asking you to mark one amongst ‘Everyone, My contacts, Nobody’. Here selecting ‘Everyone’ will make your last seen visible to everyone, whereas selecting ‘My contacts’ will make your last seen visible only to the people in your contact list. Tapping on ‘Nobody’ hides your last seen from everyone on Whatsapp. The catch here is that if you don’t share your last seen, even you wouldn’t be able to see anyone else’s last seen.

3 -Hiding Whatsapp Profile Photo

A lot of people don’t really feel Harmless though putting their shots up as being the Whatsapp profile photo. Worry of stalkers Or even fear of random people today trying out profile pictures can result in the concern. Coupled with introducing the choice of hiding last found, Whatsapp also launched the selection to limit the viewership of your respective profile Photograph.

As we did in the case of last seen, we’ll go to the Privacy option by going to

Options >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy.

Once in privacy, you’ll need to click on Profile photo so as to look at the privacy options that Whatsapp has for your profile photo. You can again select from Everyone, My contacts and Nobody, to choose who can view your profile photo.

4. Hiding Whatsapp Status

As is the case with Last seen and profile pic, we may make sure of who all can see the position that We've got posted on Whatsapp.


For this you’ll again need to go to
Options >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy and tap on Status.
 Finally, selecting one amongst everyone, my contacts and nobody will solve the purpose

5. Deleting Your Whatsapp Account

Just in the future if you really feel like parting with your favorite messaging application Whatsapp, what should you do? Uninstall it? No! Not at all! End it properly, delete your account. For executing it, you again need to go to Settings ->Account but this time you’ll need to tap on Delete my account. It will delete your account from Whatsapp, erase your message memory in addition to delete you from all your Whatsapp groups. All you'll want to do is enter your telephone number in it, and you’ll be excellent to go forward and delete your beloved Whatsapp account.

All you need to do is enter your phone number in it, and you’ll be good to go forward and delete your beloved Whatsapp account.

6 - Changing Whatsapp Network Usage Settings

At any time puzzled the amount Web does your Whatsapp use? Or even simply how much of media was downloaded or uploaded? Then look no further and tap on Settings ->Account and then finally tap on Network Usage.

7 - Pay Your Friend’s Whatsapp Membership Costs

Whatsapp charges for usage in some international locations and has provided a free extension to users in other nations. In the event you occur to get the a person who resides in a place the place Whatsapp is compensated Or possibly if you are feeling the urge to pay for in your Whatsapp membership, then what you should know is that It's also possible to buy a colleague of yours. When can it come helpful? Consider an acquaintance of yours supplying you with an excuse that he/she are not able to use Whatsapp as it is pricey. In that situation what you are able to do is that you can go on Whatsapp within your mobile phone and straight away fork out to your Buddy’s membership.

Here is how it works, go to
Settings >> Contacts
You’ll see the option of Pay for a friend, tap on that and choose the contact and also the extension period along with the mode of payment.

 8 - Controlling auto download of Media

How repeatedly have we witnessed that media in messages get instantly downloaded to our units? The amount of knowledge that some individuals reduce due to these auto downloaded media is enormous, and as We all know, the number of info made use of is straight proportional into the sum of cash that one pays. So, we certainly will need to handle when and which info really should get downloaded instantly.


9 - Backup Whatsapp conversations

There are different ways to backup or save your conversations on Whatsapp. One of the ways is to manually go to  
Options>Settings>Chat Settings 
and then click on Backup conversations. This will create a backup of conversations in your phone’s memory. This backup can be accessed if you uninstall Whatsapp and try to re-install it. 

Also, a method to help you save your discussions with somebody is by emailing a duplicate of dialogue to you. This can be carried out by planning to
Options>> Settings>> Chat Settings and then email conversation.
This will prompt you to select a conversation and then it will ask you to mail it to an email id.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bharti Airtel announces apple iphone 6s and apple iphone 6s Furthermore, presents Absolutely cost-free 4G awareness in India

Bharti Airtel today announced that it will present apple iphone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, starting October 16 by way of 235 of its retail outlets throughout the place. To celebrate the start of the new Phones, fifty seven of Bharti Airtel’s retail suppliers will keep open all night so prospects might be among the the main in India to have their fingers within the all-new apple iphone 6s and apple iphone 6s In addition.

Bharti Airtel will even offer 4G community in India, and its consumers can make use of its network With all the new ‘apple iphone Infinity’ programs, which incorporates 60GB of cost-free 4G details about 12 months. That actually works out to 5GB of 4G facts every month.

The apple iphone 6S and 6S As well as have the exact same Total Proportions as being the prior versions, but with new technologies under the hood. On the list of crucial new attributes is known as “3D touch,” which responds to stress exerted on the screen to permit consumers to glance inside of messages and

The 6S has the (approx. 12cm) Show of its predecessor and the 6S Additionally — which updates one of several far more well-known handsets during the “phablet group” — has the exact same 5.five-inch display. Though the devices have extra effective processors that permit for enhanced graphics, harder glass in addition to a new aluminium overall body.

“We're past thrilled to provide iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s In addition, two of one of the most legendary developments in technological innovation this 12 months, at Bharti Airtel’s 235 retail merchants across India. Using the increase of 4G expert services, we expect new iPhone buyers to delight in a globe-class working experience on Bharti Airtel”, claimed Srini Gopalan, Director – Purchaser Enterprise, Bharti

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