Thursday, October 15, 2015

10 Great WhatsApp Tips Everyone User Should Know

Whatsapp is really an essential software that we cannot Reside without having During this age of technologies, it's got pretty much replaced the generic messaging application of our mobile phones. As all of you may know, Whatsapp just lately bought obtained by Facebook for a massive $19 billion, and considering the fact that then There's been a sea of updates and tweaks to how our favourite messaging app operates.

This information mentions some of the tips and ideas that one can use to make the most out of Whatsapp.

1 - How to Change Whatsapp Number

If you intend to vary your Principal Get hold of number on which you wishto employ Whatsapp, then Whatsapp has received a extremely neat attribute in your case. All you need to do is go to the

options >> settings

After tapping on settings, you need to go to account and then change number.

Whatsapp will check with you to enter both equally your outdated and new numbers to accomplish the procedure.

This method helps an individual to migrate account facts, teams and options from a single telephone number to a different.

2. Hiding Whatsapp Last Seen 

The idea of Last Seen has often been a little something to cherish for some and for Other people it's got constantly been a Resource to create troubles for themselves. To make it uncomplicated with the people, Whatsapp introduced the idea of choosing regardless of whether you want to share your previous viewed or not. To go ahead and take advantage of this function, you need to go to the

options >>

In settings, you need to select account and then in account you need to tap on privacy.

In privacy, you will see the option of Last Seen. Once you click on it, you’ll be greeted with 3 options asking you to mark one amongst ‘Everyone, My contacts, Nobody’. Here selecting ‘Everyone’ will make your last seen visible to everyone, whereas selecting ‘My contacts’ will make your last seen visible only to the people in your contact list. Tapping on ‘Nobody’ hides your last seen from everyone on Whatsapp. The catch here is that if you don’t share your last seen, even you wouldn’t be able to see anyone else’s last seen.

3 -Hiding Whatsapp Profile Photo

A lot of people don’t really feel Harmless though putting their shots up as being the Whatsapp profile photo. Worry of stalkers Or even fear of random people today trying out profile pictures can result in the concern. Coupled with introducing the choice of hiding last found, Whatsapp also launched the selection to limit the viewership of your respective profile Photograph.

As we did in the case of last seen, we’ll go to the Privacy option by going to

Options >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy.

Once in privacy, you’ll need to click on Profile photo so as to look at the privacy options that Whatsapp has for your profile photo. You can again select from Everyone, My contacts and Nobody, to choose who can view your profile photo.

4. Hiding Whatsapp Status

As is the case with Last seen and profile pic, we may make sure of who all can see the position that We've got posted on Whatsapp.


For this you’ll again need to go to
Options >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy and tap on Status.
 Finally, selecting one amongst everyone, my contacts and nobody will solve the purpose

5. Deleting Your Whatsapp Account

Just in the future if you really feel like parting with your favorite messaging application Whatsapp, what should you do? Uninstall it? No! Not at all! End it properly, delete your account. For executing it, you again need to go to Settings ->Account but this time you’ll need to tap on Delete my account. It will delete your account from Whatsapp, erase your message memory in addition to delete you from all your Whatsapp groups. All you'll want to do is enter your telephone number in it, and you’ll be excellent to go forward and delete your beloved Whatsapp account.

All you need to do is enter your phone number in it, and you’ll be good to go forward and delete your beloved Whatsapp account.

6 - Changing Whatsapp Network Usage Settings

At any time puzzled the amount Web does your Whatsapp use? Or even simply how much of media was downloaded or uploaded? Then look no further and tap on Settings ->Account and then finally tap on Network Usage.

7 - Pay Your Friend’s Whatsapp Membership Costs

Whatsapp charges for usage in some international locations and has provided a free extension to users in other nations. In the event you occur to get the a person who resides in a place the place Whatsapp is compensated Or possibly if you are feeling the urge to pay for in your Whatsapp membership, then what you should know is that It's also possible to buy a colleague of yours. When can it come helpful? Consider an acquaintance of yours supplying you with an excuse that he/she are not able to use Whatsapp as it is pricey. In that situation what you are able to do is that you can go on Whatsapp within your mobile phone and straight away fork out to your Buddy’s membership.

Here is how it works, go to
Settings >> Contacts
You’ll see the option of Pay for a friend, tap on that and choose the contact and also the extension period along with the mode of payment.

 8 - Controlling auto download of Media

How repeatedly have we witnessed that media in messages get instantly downloaded to our units? The amount of knowledge that some individuals reduce due to these auto downloaded media is enormous, and as We all know, the number of info made use of is straight proportional into the sum of cash that one pays. So, we certainly will need to handle when and which info really should get downloaded instantly.


9 - Backup Whatsapp conversations

There are different ways to backup or save your conversations on Whatsapp. One of the ways is to manually go to  
Options>Settings>Chat Settings 
and then click on Backup conversations. This will create a backup of conversations in your phone’s memory. This backup can be accessed if you uninstall Whatsapp and try to re-install it. 

Also, a method to help you save your discussions with somebody is by emailing a duplicate of dialogue to you. This can be carried out by planning to
Options>> Settings>> Chat Settings and then email conversation.
This will prompt you to select a conversation and then it will ask you to mail it to an email id.


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