Saturday, October 31, 2015

Some of the Best Candy Crush Saga Strategies Exposed – What’s New?

At times passing out to a new level over the Candy Crush Saga can be a tricky experience, however, with some amount of patience and insight over certain few cheats found here and there, nothing seems impossible. The following are the short list of certain strategies you are supposed to put into your practice if you are keen to be number one in this game, let’s check them out:


Messing up with the time factor

Getting an extra life really will not hamper, does it? If you are busy playing the game of Candy Crush on your device, all you need to do is to mess with the time with a little and switch on the clock two hours forward. This will help you earn you additional 4 new lives.


Killer candy blends

You certainly need to try using interesting candy blends in this game provided if you are keen to win, the striped candies plus the ones that are wrapped or the striped ones along with the donuts holes can be called as the best blends. This can be called as the most assured recipe for your success having one move. If you are able to mix two different wrapped candies you end up wiping a big area.


Shun the top and start at the bottom

By simply starting a level from the bottom side, you will be able to create a cascade kind of pattern which will add up automatically to enjoy higher score, how about giving it a try.


Uninstall & Reinstall Candy Crush Saga

The other cool strategy is to get rid of the Candy Crush Saga and install it once again. This can help you in getting more lives as soon you get the app. Before you carry out this action, do keep in mind that you do not have any boosters, which you have been saving in order to use it at the later stage. 


Charms are worthy of purchasing

For any ardent Candy Crush Saga players, buying a charm or two is always a worthy experience, all these charms are known to have some cool features like the Charm of Life, which will render you the 8 complete lives.


Monitor your patterns!

There are so many moves, which can easily reveal a special candy. Better focus over memorizing these patterns, which generally lead to such special kind of candies and then mix them so that you end up moving up your level in game without any required time.


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