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BSNL 3G Prepaid Data Plan

A. New Plan voucher for activation of prepaid data Plans   
S. No. Particulars Details
Rs. 20 (Normal SIM) Rs 59 (USIM)
b Plan Voucher Rs. 96 (incl of S.Tax)
Main Account Validity
One year further extension of validity, through same Plan voucher
Free Data usage
0.5 GB
Validity of freebies
30 days from the date of activation.
For  data plan activation and validity extension (for Data Card purchased from BSNL or from outside market/bundling partner).
Base Voice Tariff plan As per Prepaid Per minute Plan
  • The above free data usage is allowed at the time of activation.
  • All other terms and conditions will remain the same
  • Circle can suitably adjust the MRP in the price band up to Rs.5 (+/-) of price mentioned in the website, considering the technical feasibility.

  B (i). Annual Prepaid Data Plan Vouchers
Particulars DPV-4499 DPV-3999 DPV-2799 DPV-1499
MRP of Data Plan Voucher* (Incl. of S. Tax) Rs. 4499 Rs. 3999 Rs. 2799 Rs. 1499
Free Data Usages 30 GB for 12 months  2.5 GB per month for 12 months  1.5 GB per month for 12 months 0.75 GB per month for 12 months
Main Account Validity One Year. Further extension of validity, through same plan voucher.
Availability Through C-Top up
Applicability For  data plans with and without sale of BSNL Data Card or any of the BSNL bundled Data Card
Base Voice Tariff plan Prepaid Per Minute Plan

  • * In case of Assam, J&K and North East LSAs validity of plan is subject to the guidelines/instructions issued by Govt. of India/Regulatory Authority from time to time.
B (ii) BSNL also gives an option to the customer activating the following Data Plan Vouchers to purchase 3.6 Mbps data card Free/reduced price as under:-
Data Card Offer with Data Plan Voucher:
Data Plan Voucher (DPV)
Price of 3.6 Mbps Data Card
DPV 4499 & DPV 3999
DPV 2799
Rs. 300
DPV 1499
Rs. 600

  • The above offer will be effective from 01.08.2013 and remain valid till the stock of 3.6 Mbps data card lasts.
  • All other terms and conditions will remain the same.

    C 1. 3G Prepaid Data Recharge Vouchers

    Uniform 2G & 3G prepaid data STVs 

    Data STV in Rs.(Inclusive service Tax) Total bundled free Usage Validity of freebies (in days) Data Charges
    after freebies***
    Data Charges in Rs./MB***
    (For APN 'bsnlstream)
    17 90 MB 2 2p/10KB 0.25
    39 200 MB 6 2p/10KB 0.25
    56 250 MB 30 2p/10KB 0.25
    68 1 GB 3 2p/10KB 0.25
    78 1 GB 5 2p/10KB 0.25
    98 650 MB 14 2p/10KB 0.25
    109** 300 MB 28 2p/10KB 0.25
    155 1 GB 20 2p/10KB 0.25
    198* 1.1 GB 28 2p/10KB 0.25
    239 1 GB+ Rs. 100 Talk time 14 2p/10KB 0.25
    251 2.2 GB 28 2p/10KB 0.25
    444 3 GB 60 2p/10KB 0.25
    451 2 GB+Rs 100 talk time 60 2p/10KB 0.25
    561 5 GB 30 2p/10KB 0.25
    821 7 GB 60 2p/10KB 0.25
    1011 10 GB 30 2p/10KB 0.25
    1949 20 GB 60 2p/10KB 0.25
  • * To Check STV MRP for your circle Please check circle website or call 1503
  • ** Data STV is available for East zone circle only.MRP may vary from +/- Rs 3 basis on market feasibility .
  • *** Data charges beyond free usage shall be deducted from the available balance in his main account.
  • For prepaid 2G data customer,who have recharged 2G data STVs till 14.08.2013 , the customer profile will be converted to default profile of 3G with no speed restriction from 15.08.2013
  • The customer profile in the new unified data STVs will be 3G with no speed restriction
  • All other terms and conditions will remain same.
  • Free data usage,usage charges beyond free usage will be applicable for Home LSA and roaming.
  • The base voice plan in case of postpaid  data plans will be Plan 99 and in case of prepaid data plans the tariff of Per minute plan. No Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) will be recovered from the data plans for the base voice plan.
  • The above, tariff will be allowed to all customers who want to take data plan from BSNL, irrespective of purchasing data card from BSNL or not.
  • Note:The data STV of Rs 39/- is revised to Rs 43/- for west zone circles(Gujarat,Maharashtra,Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh).
  • Note: In case of Assam, JK & NR LSAs instructions of DOT/TRAI regarding validity will be complied with.   

C2. Unlimited Data STV for North and South zones circles. 

Data STV in Rs.(Inclusive of service Tax)** Validity (in Days)
Free Usage Additional Tariff Details
399 30 Unlimited Speed 80 Kbps after 2 GB
629 30 Unlimited Speed 80 Kbps after 3 GB
2399 60 Unlimited Speed 80 Kbps after 16 GB

** MRP may vary with +/- Rs 3 based on the market feasibility of the Circle

D. Sale price of Data STV bundled with Mobile TV Pack
Data STV in Rs.(Inclusive service Tax) Free data download Free no. of TV Channels Validity of freebies(days)
182 1 GB 50+channels provided by M/s. Apalya 20
179 1 GB All channels provided by M/s Digivive 20
178 1 GB 70 channels provided by M/s. P.K. Online 20
103 1 GB 140+ Channel provided by M/s Digivive 5
82 450 MB All channels provided by M/s Exnxt 12
17 100 MB 30+ channels provided by M/s. Apalya 2

E. (i)Sale price of USB type HSDPA Data Cards
Data Speed
Sale Price in Rs. (Excl. of VAT)
3.6 Mbps
7.2 Mbps
14.4 Mbps

E.  (ii)Sale price of  PCMCIA type HSDPA Data Cards
Data Speed Frequency band MRP(Rs.)
3.6 MBPS Single Band 1600(Excl. of VAT)
7.2 MBPS Tri Band 1600(Excl. of VAT)

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