Monday, November 16, 2015

How to Configuration BSNL Broadband ADSL2+ WiFi Router with Defult User Name and Password

To configure BSNL Broadband you need a One Modem + router with ADSL2 Technology, Splitter and some telephone Cable.

Today's Tech Life Most ADSL Modem Plus Router Available in Market Like TP_LINK, Belkin, Netgear, D-link, Asus. TP_LINK, Belkin, Netgear One of  the best Modem for home users is because it has more features in less price (for bsnl users it is great).My personally View for Wifi Router is 300 MBps Wifi Because it Cover Every Corner of your Home and Office.

Here are the complete Guid for BSNL Broadband ADSL2+ WiFi Modem Router Configuration Settings :-

1 - Connect Spliter Cable to Modem and RJ45 Cable to your Computer or Laptop

2 - For Router IP - You can Go CMD and Type ipconfig/all

3 - From web Browser Type

4 - Mostly User name and Password is "admin" password "admin" and click login.(its a default username and password, you can change it later)

5 - Now click on "Quick setup" and make a Connection

6 - Select PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet)

7 - Enter username and password that your service provider has given you.
(by default it's usually in the format of your surname's first two letter area code (without zero) your land line number_ bsnl division)
example :-  if your surname is Agrwal ,your area code 071,your number 2295434 and division is western India i.e wcdr  then your username ag712295434_wcdr and password is by default "password"

8 - After PPPoE Broadband Connection Done. Please set your Wifi Connection

9 - wireless network name (you can choose any)

10 - region (select India )

11 - channel (auto or select if you are in WiFi crowded area select channel 1,6 or 11)  mode (11bgn mixed or 11bg mixed)

12 - Make a Password (Password sure is Hard Difficult use some number and symbol because is eassy to crack any one 

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