Saturday, September 3, 2016

How to Get Reliance Jio SIM Card

Reliance Jio's entrance into the nation's as of now swarmed versatile administrator business sector is relied upon to shake things up, and that is putting it mildly. With a case to serve clients with just 4G technology, Reliance Jio tariffs and rollout plans were declared Thursday by Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani at the organization's AGM in Mumbai. He disclosed the organization's exceedingly expected 4G administration with a bunch of offers and administrations.

The greatest highlight, which got everybody's eyeballs amid the dispatch, was Reliance Jio's 'free voice calls', even on meandering. Yes, you read that privilege. Mukesh Ambani uncovered that there will be no charges while making calls anyplace in India, and the clients will pay for mobile data.

Reliance Jio Sim available on leading brands including Samsung, Micromax, HTC, Lenovo, Sony, Intex, Vivo, Lava, Panasonic, Gionee, Asus, Motorola, Xolo

Reliance Jio Sim available on leading brands including Samsung, Micromax, HTC, Lenovo, Sony, Intex, Vivo, Lava, Panasonic, Gionee, Asus, Motorola, Xolo

Getting the Reliance Jio SIM card

1 - You need to download My Jio app from Google play 

How to Get Reliance Jio SIM Card

2 - Then install all 9 Jio application or click "install Jio apps"

How to Get Reliance Jio SIM Card

3 - After Complete install 9 application Open MyJio app then click on "Get JiO Sim"

How to Get Reliance Jio SIM Card

4 -  After click a code generate in application take code and go near by jio care and you can get a jio sim FREE with all unlimited stuff (

How to Get Reliance Jio SIM Card

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reliance Jio 4G Services Announced: Here is Full Tariff List

Reliance Jio Tariffs: Rs. 50 for 1GB 4G Data, All Voice Calls and Roaming Free


At Reliance AGM, Mukesh Ambani at long last ended the hush on the taxes for Reliance Jio. The organization won't charge for voice calls by any means, and it will charge a tenth of what its rivals are charging for 4G information, Ambani said - it was reported that Jio will charge just 5 paise per MB, or Rs. 50 for every GB. Besides, more prominent the utilization, the lower the expense will be, and the rates could go down to Rs. 25 for each GB. At the AGM, Ambani likewise declared that Jio administrations will get to be accessible from Monday, September 5, totally free as a feature of the 'Jio welcome offer', so everybody can attempt Jio's administrations at no charge."Pay for one and only administration - either voice or information, not both," he said. "World over, administrators charge just for information, voice and informing are basically free. All voice calls for Jio clients will be completely free."

The Jio 4G levies begin at Rs. 149 for 28 days, for 300MB. For Rs. 499 every month you get a major stride up, to 4GB of 4G information, in addition to boundless 4G during the evening, for 28 days. You'll additionally get 8GB of access from Reliance Jio's up and coming system of Wi-Fi hotspots, further expanding the measure of information you can utilize. For Rs. 999, that goes up to 10GB of 4G information, and 20GB of Wi-Fi utilization, in addition to boundless use during the evening. Further arranges are for Rs. 1,499 for 20GB, Rs. 2,499 for 35GB, and Rs. 3,999 for 60GB of 4G information, and twice as much Wi-Fi use separately. The most costly arrangement is for Rs. 4,999 for 75GB of 4G utilization in addition to boundless 4G use during the evening, and 150GB of Wi-Fi information. These are all prepaid duties, and Jio has not uncovered its post-paid arrangements.


  • Under an exceptional understudy rebate plan, understudies to get 25% more information on delivering a legitimate understudy character card
  • A crest download rate of upto 135 MBPS on the Jio system

  • Jio's application booking, worth INR 15,000 for a yearly membership, will be accessible free for all dynamic Jio clients till December 31, 2017

  • 4G-empowered cell phones to be propelled at INR 2,999 under its LYF image

  • Jio system underpins 4G as well as is 5G and 6G prepared as well.

  • Jio SIM cards to be issued on Aadhar-based eKYC or paperless CAF too

Friday, August 19, 2016

Reliance JioFi device at Rs 2899 with Jio FREE 4G SIM

"Don’t judge a book by its cover" is the thing that I would ordinarily let you know and this is all the more so on account of remote systems. So when I got the JioFi 2 MiFi convenient hotspot and signed in, I was in wonder of the paces I could see in that spot on my associated cell phone. Be that as it may, as I just said, it is difficult to tell. At this moment, this is only "the spread", as Jio's 4G system has yet to open up to the world. What's more, that is to be sure the genuine test for any 4G system.

For the individuals who have been living under a stone, JioFi 2 can be acquired at Rs 2,899 from a Reliance Digital Store. What you get with this rock formed gadget, is a free Jio SIM card, boundless web access, HD voice calling and boundless access to Jio applications for 90 days.

The JioFi 2 MiFi hotspot is small. Sufficiently small to fit in the change pocket of my pants. This additionally means better versatility. Meaning you can bear it throughout the day, without seeing that it in that spot in your pocket interfacing everything from your cell phone to your tablet down to the portable PC on your table.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Reliance Jio 4G Tariff Plans List

Exhibiting, spilled Reliance Jio gets ready for web information, calling and free SMS. You can likewise check our enactment guide through this article. On the off chance that you are confronting enactment disappointment then remark underneath this post.

As of late, Reliance Jio Infocomm official site has discharged the dispatched the Reliance Jio 4G paid ahead of time sim card. This dispatch is currently moved all over Indian business sector. Presently this discharge will going to bring down all adversaries 4G VoLTE administrations. We have upgraded some mifi otherwise known as JioFi related points, please look down underneath.

Toward the starting, you were getting a Reliance Jio 4G sim card exasperates just with Lyf Mobile telephone. At long last, all Samsung versatile clients including whatever other android clients can profit this Reliance sneak peak offer.

Reliance Jio Tariff Plans

Jio is a powerpack 4G VoLTE service launched by Reliance Jio Infocomm. Jio have launched their basic plans with the SIM KIT, that comes along with the sim. So take a look below.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

6 tips to keep your printer in tip-top condition

Tip 1 Place your printer in a location that is well-ventilated and away from dust, moisture and the sun.

Tip 2 Use only Original cartridges. Non-original cartridges can lead to long term printer damage.

Tip 3 Use best printing paper that meets your printer's specifications.

Tip 4 By selecting the correct media types, most paper jams can be avoided. To avoid paper jams, refer to the following guidelines:
  • Ensure that the adjustable guides are positioned correctly.

  • Do not overload the tray. Ensure that the paper level is below the paper capacity mark on the inside of the tray.

  • Do not remove paper from the tray while your machine is printing.

  • Flex, fan, and straighten paper before loading.

  • Do not use creased, damp, or highly curled paper.

  • Do not mix paper types in a tray.

  • Use only recommended print media

Tip 5 Clean or align your printheads when you notice your printing is streaked or has incorrect colours.

Tip 6 Resolving mechanical errors such as paper jam incorrectly can lead to printing issues in the future. Follow instructions that come with the printer.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to Check Original Photo or Edits Photoshop Photo!

Currently, many fake photographs circulating on the internet. Often it is used the same way some joker who wants to make a sensation. If you already so, we became more and more difficult for the original photo where the photo edits. And, in fact we can find out how to distinguish the original photo or edits, really.  Easy for me, you know!  

1. Search first photo you want to investigate and then save the image. An example is this selfie photo.

2. Drag the photos that you've had to save Notepad. Make sure you've got the Notepad application ya! 

3. Later will come out writings or letters not uniform like this.
 4. Press CTRL + F / F3 in Notepad, then type 'Photoshop' and then click 'Find Next'. If in Notepad outcome drag the photo there is the word 'Photoshop' means that the photo edits Photoshop. Even if not no, it's not Photoshop edits.
How, it's easy to do? Good luck, yes!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top 30 Article Submission Websites 2016 By Traffic and Pagerank

As an Internet marketer, Nobody dares to undervalue the content marketing to increase traffic for the website. If you thought so, Then you all finish. For Increasing the website traffic, content marketing is the main source for a long term Success. In Content Marketing, The main part is Article marketing. - See more at:

As an Internet marketer, Nobody dares to undervalue the content marketing to increase traffic for the website. If you thought so, Then you all finish. For Increasing the website traffic, content marketing is the main source for a long term Success. In Content Marketing, The main part is Article marketing.

If you are a webmaster  then link building is one of the most important technique to maximize your traffic. Through good link building you can increase number of backlinks for  your sites or blogs.  Article submission is one the best techniques of link building in off-page SEO optimization. All you need is to write articles based on some topics and need to concentrate on anchor-text. Article submission sites are best way to get high PR backlinks.

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6. 4,444 4
7. 6,826 6 NF!
8. 10,193 6
9. 12,422 4 NF!
10. 13,090 4
11. 13,421 2
12. 14,819 6
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14. 17,335 4
15. 17,606 6
16. 18,335 3 NF!
17. 19,158 4 NF!
18. 19,354 7
19. 19,952 4
20. 25,534 5 NF!
21. 26,794 5
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25. 29,720 5
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28. 35,314 4
29. 35,769 4
30. 40,015 3

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to Activate Minimum Price Daily Rs 5 Internet in Idea

IDEA Cellular mobile operator has announced pocket friendly daily packs for its nearly 30 lakh subscribers in India. The new and affordable daily packs come with huge benefits for prepaid customers who can now choose from an array of services such as Idea to Idea GPRS offerings at extremely attractive rates.

Just Use USSD code


Send its and you got Data Benefit 15MB with validity midnight

check following lost of  Sachet Pack Idea Internet Service.

Sachet Pack

MRP (Rs.) Data Benefit Data Validity (Days) Overage FUP limit Mode Of Recharge
5 15 MB 1 Day 4p/10KB - USSD *800*5#
7 25 MB 1 Day 4p/10KB - USSD *800*07#
9 35 MB 1 Day 4p/10KB - USSD *800*9#
19 75 MB 2 Days 4p/10KB - USSD *800*19#, E-Recharge, Paper
29 120 MB 4 Days 4p/10KB - Paper Voucher
49 200 MB 6 Days 4p/10KB - Paper Voucher

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