Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to Check Original Photo or Edits Photoshop Photo!

Currently, many fake photographs circulating on the internet. Often it is used the same way some joker who wants to make a sensation. If you already so, we became more and more difficult for the original photo where the photo edits. And, in fact we can find out how to distinguish the original photo or edits, really.  Easy for me, you know!  

1. Search first photo you want to investigate and then save the image. An example is this selfie photo.

2. Drag the photos that you've had to save Notepad. Make sure you've got the Notepad application ya! 

3. Later will come out writings or letters not uniform like this.
 4. Press CTRL + F / F3 in Notepad, then type 'Photoshop' and then click 'Find Next'. If in Notepad outcome drag the photo there is the word 'Photoshop' means that the photo edits Photoshop. Even if not no, it's not Photoshop edits.
How, it's easy to do? Good luck, yes!

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