Tuesday, August 2, 2016

6 tips to keep your printer in tip-top condition

Tip 1 Place your printer in a location that is well-ventilated and away from dust, moisture and the sun.

Tip 2 Use only Original cartridges. Non-original cartridges can lead to long term printer damage.

Tip 3 Use best printing paper that meets your printer's specifications.

Tip 4 By selecting the correct media types, most paper jams can be avoided. To avoid paper jams, refer to the following guidelines:
  • Ensure that the adjustable guides are positioned correctly.

  • Do not overload the tray. Ensure that the paper level is below the paper capacity mark on the inside of the tray.

  • Do not remove paper from the tray while your machine is printing.

  • Flex, fan, and straighten paper before loading.

  • Do not use creased, damp, or highly curled paper.

  • Do not mix paper types in a tray.

  • Use only recommended print media

Tip 5 Clean or align your printheads when you notice your printing is streaked or has incorrect colours.

Tip 6 Resolving mechanical errors such as paper jam incorrectly can lead to printing issues in the future. Follow instructions that come with the printer.

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